15 Legolas Cosplays, Because Who Wouldn't Want to Be an Elf?

Legolas Cosplays

With his crystal blue eyes and long, blonde tresses, Legolas is sort of the Han Solo of Middle Earth (in that he's nearly impossible not to fall in love with). Also, being a fairly gender neutral character, he's a perfect choice for male and female cosplayers who are wanting to take on an ethereal look. These 15 cosplayers have mastered Legolas' striking (yet celestial) style, making them wonderful inspiration for Lord of the Rings' fans who want to try out some elvish aesthetics. Take a look through our gallery and let us know which cosplayer you think would be the best stand-in for Orlando Bloom — and we know those aren't easy shoes to fill!

Image Source: celticruins/DeviantArt

Image Source: Damsels in Disguise

Image Source: InCon

Image Source: 500px

Image Source: Inside a Camo Bag

Image Source: Vontography

Image Source: ligo13

Image Source: Cosplay

Image Source: the-ALEF/DeviantArt

Image Source: Geek x Girls

Image Source: Zihark-cosplay

Image Source: Jiosan/DeviantArt

Image Source: NanniWalkerCosplay/DeviantArt

Image Source: Myuzuri-Cosplay/DeviantArt

Image Source: ryukimalasorte/DeviantArt

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